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Change Management Expert, Coach and Facilitator

Barcelona, where I live, is my source of inspiration: its light, its streets and its sea; its people, its rhythm and its life…. I even like its traffic, which I dodge daily on my bike. I am energetic and enthusiastic in everything I do and I always give my best in the face of new challenges and changes because I believe that only when you connect with your essence and know yourself well, you can reach your best version.

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of Human Resources, during which I have held several corporate positions, I have discovered that working around people and their potential is my real passion.

Degree in Pedagogy, with a Postgraduate degree in Human Resources, Certified as an Executive Coach by the European School of Coaching and Team Coach by ORSC, Certified in Wallbreakers, Leadership Circle, Insights Discovery, Lego Serious Play and in the Relational Transformation Model.

I continue to train and open to new learning without rest. Curiosity always goes with me!


Expert in Emotional Management, Coach and Trainer

My passion is working with people and accompany them in their professional development and personal wellbeing. I’m is curious, sensitive, thoughtful and a good observer. I enjoy traveling, food and yoga.

I have more than 14 years of experience in the area of Communication, mainly in the Consumer and Health industries, both in Europe and in the USA, leading the Communication strategy for renowned companies and brands.

Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the Florida International University and Associate’s Degree in Psychology from Miami-Dade College. Certified as Executive Coach, Team and Mentor Coach by the ICF (International Coach Federation), with a specialization in ‘Emotional Consciousness’, all by the European School of Coaching. Certified in The Leadership Circle, Wallbreakers, Everything DiSC and Points of You.

In recent years, I have specialized in processes for the development, performance and well-being of individuals, as well as in enhancing and strengthening the relationship and effectiveness of teams.

"The strength of a team lies in the differences between the members of their team, not in their similarities."

Stephen Covey

Change Management Expert, Coach and Facilitator

Curiosity is our engine! We are backed by many hours of experience as trainers and our clients, national and international, highlight our warmth, communication skills and orientation to results. We feel comfortable leading workshops, trainings and outdoors with different profiles of participants, making sure to provide the right support while challenging them to explore outside their comfort zone.

We are passionate about working and sharing with other great professionals

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