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Behind Beyourbestt: Noemí Freixes

Barcelona is my hometown. Here is where I get my inspiration from. Its light, streets and sea; its people, rhythm and liveliness… I even enjoy its traffic that I love to dodge on my motorbike. I am energetic and passionate about everything I do and I’ve always done my best to set up new challenges and changes because I profoundly believe that by digging deeper and getting to know ourselves better we achieve our best version.

Through my more than 15 years of experience in Human Resources where I’ve been in charge of several corporate roles, I’ve discovered that working with people and teams to help them uncover their potential is what I like the most.

"The strength of a team lies in the differences between the members of their team, not in their similarities."

Stephen Covey

Change Management Expert, Coach and Facilitator

With a bachelor in Pedagogy, a Postgraduate diploma in Human Resources and Certified as an Executive Coach by the European Coaching School and as a Team Coach by ORSCC, also Certified as expert in Wallbreakers, in Insights Discovery, in Lego Serious Play, in the Relationship Transformational Model by the Relational Institute, I am continuously engaged in deepening my knowledge and get new learnings. Curiosity is in my nature!


I’m an experienced facilitator and highly results-oriented person. With remarkable influential and communication skills I feel at ease leading workshops, trainings and focus groups with a variety of participants, making sure I provide the right support while I kindly invite them to explore out of their comfort zone.

We are passionate about working and sharing with other great professionals

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