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In front of a change you need to foster, do you perceive resistance around you? Do you feel change is not happening at the speed or the direction you need? You don’t know how to get the desired energy and engagement from your team? Or how to align teams in the organisation?

What does Wallbreakers offer that other trainings do not?

It focuses in action “employee-manager”, paying attention to real situations leaders need to face.

It integrates the most relevant Change Management theories (Kotter, Maurer, Goleman, DISC,…)

Participant does not learn from theory, but from practice.

Innovative and participative methodology

It facilitates debate from minute 1.

The Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle is a methodology for the development and effectiveness of leadership. It focuses on the analysis and growth of competencies with the evolution of consciousness to address challenges in environments of increasing complexity.

Why is The Leadership Circle so effective?

  • · It measures widely well-researched leadership competencies – those whose behaviors and skills translate into effective leadership.

  • · It reveals habits of thought or patterns that limit the effectiveness of leadership and the ability to improve.

  • · It increases the value of coaching and saves time, as the process starts from a more impactful and advanced point.

  • · It provides a complete measurement for the monitoring of leadership development and / or cultural change.

Insights Discovery

Why it is so easy sometimes to communicate with some people and so difficult with others? What does it make that some teams perform at their best and get great results and some others get trapped in conflict and lack of trust? Do you want to take your team to their next level of cooperation, trust and development?

Lego Serious Play

Would you like to find different approaches to your challenges? Do you need to look at a problem from different perspectives? Or to define a new vision on a specific topic? We can help you to find creative answers to your challenges, with Lego Serious Play. LSP It is a world-wide used methodology that allows you to analyze the best way to achieve your objectives activating your teams’ creative mindset


Do you leave emotions at home when you go to work?
Your team either.